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Chedworth Roman Villa, part two

28 Apr

We’ve been here long enough that I really do have my favorite spots.  The Shakespeare Houses.  Blenheim Palace.  Bourton-on-the-Water.  Places I visit and re-visit, and after a point it seems silly to keep re-posting journeys made in the same place.  So do check out my first Chedworth visit for more of a description of the place … then hop back here for more views around the place on a sunny day.  On a sunny Mothering Day, in fact, or as we described it at Chedworth: Matronalia.  (Come on groovy Romans, let’s dance!)  My family knows exactly what I like by now!


The Helix Pomatia are still hanging around, two thousand years after the Romans brought them over — hibernating at this time of year.IMG_2806ed

The entry area of the formal baths have a looping rhythm.IMG_2809ed

An example of the curatorial work ongoing here at Chedworth.IMG_2811ed

Visitors get to have a go with their own tesserae.IMG_2816ed

Volunteers discus daily living — and FOOD!IMG_2817ed

The changing room.

On this visit, I was particularly struck by the small designs on this floor.  You could be forgiven for thinking these are hearts, but these shapes signify ivy.IMG_2827edAnd I do like the color and shape of this sweet bird.


Check out that hypocaust!  Sexy.IMG_2828ed

More baths, outside the larger, more formal bath house.IMG_2836ed

Religious artifacts in the museum on site — last time I showed you some of the Roman glass.IMG_2840ed

And one of my favorite things — yes really — the latrines.  May your spongia be ever fresh.


And after a rummage through latrines and hot tubs, what better than a full Sunday Roast, sat in a beer garden?  Best tradition ever, England!



And, as we made our way home, we found the cherry tree in our neighborhood fully, finally, in bloom.