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Sudeley Snapshots: Tithe Barn

9 Oct

Another installment in the occasional series of photos from lovely Sudeley Castle.  Built in the fifteenth century by Ralph Boteler, to the side of Sudeley Castle, is the Tithe Barn.

IMG_4207edThe building was largely destroyed by Cromwell’s forces during the English Civil war, but the romantic walls remain.

IMG_4193edThe interior has been re-imagined as a sweet and almost secret garden, with wild roses, hollyhocks, hydrangeas, wild clematis, wisteria, foxgloves, and more.  It’s like a Shakespearean sonnet, really.

IMG_4195edEvery doorway and window has its own character, its own sense of being a magic portal.

IMG_4185edEven in autumn, with most of the blooms past their prime or gone entirely, the Tithe Barn retains a sweet beauty.

IMG_4190edTake a walk through and around the barn, and check out views perfectly framed by both architecture and vegetation.

IMG_4201edTurn around and see the upright silhouette of Sudeley Castle itself through the flowers.

IMG_4196edOr stand clear and enjoy that graceful view — almost cozy, when it comes to castles — reflected in the carp pond.




8 Jun

A quick Sudeley Snapshot as I slowly work on more blog posts (it’ll happen!).  Lovely purple alium blossoms in the Queens Garden this weekend:

purple alliumThe white roses for which the garden is famed are not yet blooming — our terrible winter strikes again — but do you see the busy bee who photobombed the blossoms?


Springs eternal

21 Apr

After our satisfies-all-the-longings trip to Paris over Easter break, I took a quick trip to the US on my own.  One of those difficult trips that every expat fears: travel spurred by family illness, fraught with guilt and anxiety.  Let’s let that experience sit quietly in a corner of the blog, as I try to shake off jet lag and wake up to Camelot once again.

When I was packing, winter was still strangling the life out of England.  As soon as I lifted off and away, sunshine and blue skies blew over the island.  Spring arrived, just as it did last year and will eternally.

Driving home this morning, we saw this lovely blooming tree in our neighborhood.  It felt like a welcome back to England and promise of good things to come.