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Elkstone Church

19 Apr

We’ve been here before, when I was working as a pusher of antiquity on my family.  Elkstone Village, and the Church of St John the Evangelist.  So, this time, come view the church in various impressions of sunlight, shadow, and secret doorways…


Or secret spring visitors to the flowers in the graveyard.IMG_2665ed

Exotic growths on trees in the churchyard.


The snowdrops give their last gasp, behind a chummy pair of grave markers.IMG_2673ed

Oh, right, there’s the church, still and peaceful in the sunshine.IMG_2684ed

My newer camera has a decent zoom!  Check out the waterspout at the top of the bell tower.IMG_2692ed

See the contrast between the older-style wooden roof and the newer bell tower arches.  You are stepping right across history.

Reflections bounce through the small space.  See how the altar looks like it is glowing?  That’s natural sunlight.IMG_2704ed

I find this memorial rather magnificent.  I’m not sure if it is more or less spooky in clear daylight.IMG_2707ed

The … crocodile?  wolf?  dragon? at the end of the zig-zag Norman arch.IMG_2712ed

A clearer image of St. John.  The Green Dragon in his cup represents the poison he drank … and gives name to the snug pub just down the road.  (Our drinks there were perfectly poison-free.)IMG_2715ed

The light in this corner still fascinates me.IMG_2719ed

Today, the spiral staircase to the dovecote was open!IMG_2725ed

No doves to be found, only more quiet and peace.


Perhaps an unusual view, of the return to the church from the dovecote.  I enjoy more rarely-viewed perspectives like these, they make me feel more homey in a place.IMG_2735ed

The beautiful stained glass over the altar.  (1929 Virgin and Child by Henry Payne of Amberley) Such a better image than I was able to capture previously.

IMG_2733edAn almost delicate winged dragon? lion? holds up one end of the larger norman arch around the altar window.

IMG_2776edAnd more fascinating quiet corners in the churchyard.