Crathes Castle Spring

4 Oct

My final Scotland post.  We’ve been ridiculously lucky over our spring holidays these past three years.  First year on the Isle of Skye.  Second year in Paris.  Third year, back to Scotland, this time in Royal Deeside.  My mind will always see Scotland bursting with sunshine and raining only to show off rainbows.  Crathes Castle was no different.  Sadly, we were not permitted to take any photographs inside, but I promise you, IT WAS SUPER COOL INSIDE.  I’m talking ghosts, Jacobean rooms, Renaissance painted rooms, hidden staircases for mistresses, the works.

The outside was pretty cool, too.  Here is the (massive) sixteenth-century tower house.
IMG_3203ed A guide did tell me I could stick my camera out the window and take photos of the gardens.  So I did.IMG_3204ed On this warm sunny day in April, the grounds were full of families with picnics.
IMG_3205ed Oh, that view.IMG_3222ed Flag atop the castle shows the heraldry of the Burnett family — the hunting horn.  NO idea the significance of the rooster, except that he’s pretty groovy.
IMG_3224edAnd really, really gold.

How will our next spring holiday compare to these past three?  Well, I have some ideas, but I’m not telling you, yet!


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