Day out: Stonehenge

15 Sep

Yes, it has only taken me three years to finally put up a post about the thing most people see first when they come to the UK.  (After Heathrow customs, of course, but no one wants to remember that experience.)  We did visit in our first few months, and saw the stones on a chilly winter day under cloudy skies and in short daylight.  But …

Oh, what a difference the sun can make.  Stonehenge in July is amazing.


Uh-huh, yup, pretty nice.

Your first view of the stones is from the road as you wind your way toward the new visitors centre.

IMG_3685edFrom the visitors centre, ride the (free) shuttle to the stones, or give yourself some time for a walk of a mile or two.

IMG_3735ed Then join the queue of modern pilgrims.
Except under special circumstances, this is as close as you’ll get to the stones.IMG_3730edEvery turn around the circle provides a new interpretation of stone, grass, sky.IMG_3726edTurn around from this spot, and see the Wiltshire countryside rolling away.IMG_3724edThere are a few benches along the walking path around the stones, but we didn’t mind sitting right on the grass and watching the stones to see if they were going to move.IMG_3708edWe did see lots of ravens crowing around.  This one is perching inside one of the large obelisks.  How about that for a view?
IMG_3697edI like the scene of the (large!) ravens looking down on their human visitors.  Stonehenge makes quite a throne.IMG_3709edWhat a sky.  After burning out our eyes from the glorious summer sun, we were ready for the shuttle ride back to the visitors centre, and to pick up some cakes and tea (and maybe a souvenir or two).IMG_3738edOne last look back.

Visitor’s tip:  if you aren’t a member of English Heritage WHY THE HECK NOT?  Skip the lines, show your pass and pick up your ticket right away.


One Response to “Day out: Stonehenge”

  1. competentmom September 15, 2014 at 1:02 pm #

    What a wonderful visit! I would love to see the henges (Stonehenge etc.) in the sunshine. I’ve been there twice, both times in classic English weather- rain, wind, gray skies, and chill.

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