Snapshot: CrossFit

11 Apr

Another quick peek into the CrossFit images which are becoming imprinted on my brain.  It is possible that the time I used to spend working on the blog I now spend on CrossFit.  Oh, dear.  I did get one nice post out of it, previously.  This one is going to be much shorter, so if you’re waiting around for more old churches or ancient stones, just be a little more patient.  I’m getting there.IMG_2442ed

I love my box, did I mention that?


I’ve never actually used that hammer, but boy I can imagine it.  I would surely start singing about John Henry.

Nanos are the shoes of CrossFit.  I don’t have any.  It’s my last hold-out to pretend that I’m not totally subsumed into all things CrossFit.  They look so ridiculous, those shoes.  I love ridiculous shoes.  It’s just a matter of time.IMG_2471ed

More Nanos.  And hand care.  It’s one of my CrossFit peeves, if such a thing exists, when people gleefully rip their palms.  Maybe it’s the mom in me; I think that’s nothing more than foolishness.  Also: ew.
IMG_2505edCrossFit is so colorful, so contrasting, so bright!

I recently competed in the CrossFit Open.  I didn’t set the world on fire, but I surprised myself.  So, I sort of set myself on fire, which is cool.  Even though I’m still relatively awful at everything, I’ve gotten relatively enormously better at everything, too.   Who would have thought.



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