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White choral bells

6 Feb

Do you know this sweet little round?

White choral bells, upon a slender stalk, 
Lilies of the valley deck my garden walk.
Oh don’t you wish that you could hear them ring?
That can happen only when the fairies sing.

I know snowdrops aren’t lilies of the valley, but when I see a hillside covered in their tender buds, I can’t help but hum along, and look for winter fairies.


Not frost … not snow … snowdrops.IMG_1846ed

An ocean of snowdrops!IMG_1862ed

Snuggled up to large trees … snowdrops!IMG_1872ed

Not yet blooming, but completely unconcerned with winter chill … snowdrops!IMG_1877ed

A spotted blanket over the ground … snowdrops!IMG_1920edAbove, below, behind, everywhere … snowdrops!

All found at Painswick Rococo Gardens.  Snowdrops are at their peak now and through the next couple of weeks.  If you’re hunting for these (as I have been in previous years), check them out.