Stones at the end of the rainbow

7 Jan

You know.  You know where I went already.  You know because I go there near about every solstice — summer and winter — and I just mentioned it last week, again.  And because there are rocks in my head and I live in circles.  Yes — back to the Rollright Stones.

I love the view from here.

IMG_1441edBut, what we did not expect to find:

IMG_1419edER … MAH … GERRD

IMG_1425edMy beloved/feared witch has finally fallen.  And appears to be the pot at the end of the rainbow.  Good luck, strange witch, in the future’s compost heap.

IMG_1437edAgain the reminders that other circling travelers like to visit this time of year.  It’s a comfort, really, to know I’m not the only one.

IMG_1453edThey even left poetry for the Whispering Knights, in a gesture I can’t help but approve.

IMG_1432edStones and circles in my head, what can I say?


2 Responses to “Stones at the end of the rainbow”

  1. aubreyepp January 7, 2014 at 1:08 pm #

    I think Santa visited the stones too! I found a sleigh bell tied through one of the holes. I did not, however, find a rainbow there. You are soooooooo lucky!

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