When the sun shines

26 Aug

Someone told me this was the best summer England has had in years.  That depresses me beyond words.  I admit, we have had many good days of sunshine in the past month or two.  In my usual fashion, a glimmer of sunshine makes me forget all the darkness that came before, and will inevitably return.  So today, while the sun shines, I think summer will last forever.  But — brrr — the days of darkness are coming … just not yet.  And when the sun shines on a bright bank holiday weekend, we head out to events like the Blenheim Palace Festival of Transport.  That’s a fancy name for ‘car show in a field.’

Since I can reliably identify something with four wheels and at least one door as a ‘car’ — and there my expertise ends — I must admit I mostly followed after my son as he exclaimed about numbers and engines and age and other esoterica.  I took photos of things that looked cool to me.


Yeah, that looked pretty cool.IMG_8064

Hey, look, it’s Captain Chantel DuBois’ Vespa! (Gratuitous Madagascar 3 reference.)

Ah, these old hood instruments are just too groovy.IMG_8070


A charming classic cherry red fire engine.IMG_8080

Something with … gears?IMG_8086

Pretty purple Beetle.IMG_8089

Fear and Loathing … or Grateful Dead?IMG_8109

And a chance, later, for a stroll through the grounds and a close up view of the imminent change of seasons.  (See some of my favorite photos of Blenheim.) IMG_8115And the dream of journeying on through this gorgeous country in sunshine and peace.



2 Responses to “When the sun shines”

  1. aubreyepp August 27, 2013 at 11:35 am #

    I don’t want it to ennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd. 😦

    • Monique August 27, 2013 at 6:46 pm #

      It was sunny again today — so that means it will be sunny FOREVER. Right? RIGHT???

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