20 Jun

The day of Solstice Eve, if there is such a holiday, and I took myself to the Rollright Stones to see how my closest neighboring neolithic fairy circle had been keeping itself.  (Previous visits here and here.)

Outside the circle, sunshine and glowing stones:


Inside the circle, a more gloomy slumping across the countryside.


Summer has gifted the stones with flowers.20130620_091607

And carbon-based, bipedal life forms are my suspects in this flowery gift to the King Stone.20130620_092041

The witch is still a fearful shock to the eye when you round the corner and find her throwing her curse from the hill.  But she is beginning to disintegrate, in a strange irony, while the King she cursed to stone remains tall, and proud.

20130620_092144I ran the circle of stones three times, added up my count and made my wish.  Longest day of the year, I am ready for you!



3 Responses to “Seventy-three”

  1. Beakers846 June 25, 2013 at 5:17 pm #

    Have you read the Outlander series? It’s really good, especially if you like stone circles…

    • Monique August 13, 2013 at 7:53 am #

      You’re not the first person to recommend that series … it is somewhere in my ‘to be read’ pile …


  1. Stones at the end of the rainbow | Crumpets in Camelot - January 7, 2014

    […]  You know where I went already.  You know because I go there near about every solstice — summer and winter — and I just mentioned it last week, again.  And because there are rocks in my […]

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