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Bluebells, cockleshells, evie, ivy, over…

31 May

A forest walk to find snowdrops was of mixed success.  Bluebells have suffered this year, as well, with England’s strange drawn-out winter and lack of warmth.  However.


I wish you could smell how gorgeous this looked to my nose.IMG_6342

Wandering trees and hills: bluebells!20130523_112505

This looked like an elven path.


Floating in closer along the path.

It was a raining, hailing day when we walked the woods, but the bluebells gave their show bravely.IMG_6336bluebell


Couldn’t you just wander on and on, forever?

Are you sure that we are awake? It seems to me that yet we sleep, we dream…

These stunning walks found in the Forest of Dean, over and around Bradley Hill by Soudely — one can park along the road and wander up any of the paths, or stay at the Heritage Centre car park and ask for directions.

At the pool. Not like Gatsby. Whatsoever.

26 May

I think it’s obvious that I’m in need of some kind of break.  Enter our local town pool:

Most amazing town pool I've ever seenIt’s the most amazing municipal pool I’ve ever seen, anyway.  Granted, I grew up going to the pool in Southeast DC.  Still.  It’s fairly gorgeous, isn’t it?

Apparently once pool season comes around, my local peers will swim.  No matter the weather.  No matter the temperature.  No matter what.  Here was the scene at a recent birthday party:

Snow nor rain

Rain?  Hail?  Doesn’t matter.  We’re at the pool, so we will swim.  I suppose the lack of thunderstorms means pools don’t need to be cleared for safety reasons during downpours.  Just keep swimming.  As one does.


20 May

Ah, hello again, dear blog.  I haven’t been in the mood for you, recently.  Still not, much.  So here are a very few photos from a quick trip up to the Shakespeare Houses in between my visits back to the US.  I needed a ‘normal’ family outing to somewhere beautiful in our corner of England, and we found it.


The newest wicker sculpture at Anne Hathaway’s Cottage.  (See earlier sculptures here.)


And peeking at it again, over beds of tulips.


And one of the newest residents at Mary Arden’s Farm, a Tamworth piglet with CURLY RED HAIR!

IMG_5807Hello, I am the most adorable piglet on earth, and I will cheer you up.