Day out: Horseworld

31 Mar

More from the summer archives.  Horseworld is an equine rescue and rehabilitation center located in Bristol.  I’m not sure how I heard about it, but it seemed like a fun day out for my horse-loving girls.  Getting there was a job for the satnav, and the eight acres of the center sit right in the middle of a residential area in Bristol.  I think my kids thought it was a trick — horses, in the middle of someone’s neighborhood?


The “d” was having a problem on the day we visited.  IMG_0064

Past the entry and the gift shop, a series of barns hold various exhibits, some interactive, some heartbreaking, like this before and after photo of one of the rescue horses.IMG_0077

Kids have the chance to clear a stable.  (Not really dirty, thank goodness.)IMG_0079

See some cute animals.IMG_0082

If a keeper is around, you can pet the bunnies.IMG_0095

There are big signs out by all the donkeys, warning that they would love nothing better than to bite your hands off.  But they look so sweet.  These poor animals are also rescues.IMG_0141

It’s lovely to see the animals with space to enjoy their new or newly developing health.IMG_0123

Depending on the time of day, animals may be in stalls or moved about to different paddocks.IMG_0136

There’s lots too do for kids, including a small tractor ride.IMG_0125

And two massive slides.IMG_0112

And an outdoor play area between some of the paddocks.  There are picnic tables and a covered restaurant, as well.IMG_0148Some of the information placards may feel a bit intense for younger children.  Some of these horses have been through terrible abuse or neglect.  But it’s heartening to see how much can be done to make life good again for these horses, ponies, and donkeys.  It’s not slick or fancy, and you get the sense that any and all donations are not just gratefully accepted but truly needed.  Definitely worth a visit for the lesson in ethical and humane behaviors alone, and with space to play, explore, and eat, an easy day out for children.



2 Responses to “Day out: Horseworld”

  1. Beakers846 April 1, 2013 at 5:03 am #

    This place looks great. I wish we had known about it when we were there!

    • Monique April 7, 2013 at 12:21 pm #

      It’s a neat little half-day trip. I must have found a pamphlet for it at a visitors centre somewhere, no idea how we heard about it.

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