9 Mar

I think it’s obvious that I’ve been feeling like this, lately:


(Just so you know: This is my empty cup of espresso from a cafe stop in Normandy. See? I’m staying on theme.)

This winter has been never-ending, and I think the bloom is off the rose.  I’m hearing bird song in the ever-lightening morning, but it’s been impossible to get the damp out of my bones.  Fortunately, I do have a solution:

muddy runnersMore mud.

I’m trying, friends.  You’d think moving to a new country and having the luxury to explore in your own time would be wonderful, wouldn’t you?  And of course it is.  But it is also disorienting and sometimes lonely and full of contrasts to home — good, bad and ambiguous — and one is left wondering about Life and Purpose.  All that sploshes away with a good run in the mud, however.

A full cup of coffee and some time with the photo editor awaits me.  Hope to have some new posts soon.  Allons-y!


2 Responses to “Maybe”

  1. Sarah March 10, 2013 at 1:00 am #

    I suppose I was wondering about Life and Purpose long before I got here, and I felt like this place lent itself to that quest so perfectly because it was so different – so much slower and quieter. I also can’t help be grateful that you’re doing this, and that, and all those other things because I love this bit of cyberspace maybe as much as any other thing I love. And I’m just grateful to know it’s (you’re) here. So, thank you, your Majesty (of Mud).

    • Monique March 12, 2013 at 7:03 pm #

      You live in some kind of village garden of perfection, I’m sure of it. Slower and quieter? Maybe that’s my problem. Too much time to fill with worries, or with mud. 😉 I’m glad you’re here, my dear!

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