Cabbage catch at the moon

16 Feb

Veg box update.  I slowed down on my effort to try out as many veg box purveyors as possible.  I’ve found that Ocado delivers a perfectly acceptable box for a reasonable price, without requiring me to sign up for a weekly delivery — I can order a box of whatever size, full of mostly seasonal vegetables or even including fruit, at any time.  The larger box mix of organic veg and fruit looks like this:


This box included things like avocado, mushrooms, potato, celery, plums, onions, swede, banana, celery, beets …


And purple carrots!  I still love finding surprise vegetables in my box and trying to figure out something new to make.

IMG_3925Like kale, one of those green super veggies that I’ve always felt like I should like, but never gotten to know properly.  Here I’ve sauted it simply, with a bit of grapeseed oil, garlic, chili flakes, vinegar, and onions.  The other night I tried chopping it up a bit smaller and hiding it in pasta sauce — delicious.

Receiving a mixed veg and fruit box is like getting an unexpected birthday present.  Whoo-hoo!



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