Day out: Broadway Activity Park

3 Sep

I’ve been hearing the buzz about the Broadway Park for a couple of months. Usually accompanied by widened eyes and gleeful exclamations of the range of play equipment and the size of the park. I tried to do some research online to see some photos of the park and find directions, but didn’t find much. So let me help you …

Get yourself to Broadway, a beautiful village in the Cotswold, and find yourself somewhere to park.  (This may take some time.  Bring your pounds and your pence for the ‘pay and display’ car lots.)

Take a stroll up the High Street and look for the sign:

It’s going to look like you’re wandering up someone’s alleyway.

Some places have guard dogs.  The playground appears to have a guard horse.

Open the child-safety gate and …

… play!

Play on the swings or on the grass!

Play on the basketball/netball/hardtop courts!

Play on the zip line!  (It sags hilariously when anyone over about 100 pounds tries to ride.  Don’t ask me how I know.)

Play on the climbing poles and frighteningly high big-kid whirly-gig.

Play on the fitness equipment!  No reason for a mom to feel she has to fall asleep in blissful peace while her kids are playing happily.  No, mom, get up and do some pull-ups and some crunches.  Work it.

Play on the rock wall, the monkey bars, the spinning doughtnut (I don’t know what it is), the massive swing nest.

Play!  Play!  Play!

There are a couple of covered sitting areas, and a few picnic tables — but not nearly enough for the large groups who come to play and picnic here.  Bring a blanket or — genius — a camp chair.

Enjoy the phenomenal view, and — if you are a more hardy soul — walk along the public footpath all the way to Broadway Tower.  (Some views from You Know You’re In England When… and Week out: Costwold)  We, instead, strolled back through town and had some perfectly delicious ice cream from the cute pink and white striped street vendors’ carts.  Strawberry and clotted cream, anyone?

With a picnic lunch and a sunny day, this park is good for several hours of entertainment.  Add it in to the mix of a busy day — perhaps lavender fields, then the Tower, and a playground pit stop before wandering through Broadway — and you’ve got something to keep the kids entertained all day.


4 Responses to “Day out: Broadway Activity Park”

  1. happyhomemakeruk September 7, 2012 at 8:47 am #

    Sounds like the perfect day. We haven’t been to Broadway yet, but would love to head that way soon. The weather has been spectacular, hasn’t it?!

    • Sarah September 7, 2012 at 4:51 pm #

      I’ve said to three people, it’s a darn tootin’ shame the kids had to go back to school and the weather has been like this!

      • Monique September 8, 2012 at 8:48 am #

        So unfair! I felt sorry for my children! As I laid out in a lawn chair and read a book in the quiet sunshine, I felt sorry for them. HA!

    • Monique September 8, 2012 at 8:43 am #

      Great while the kids were in school, and rainy their first weekend off — blech!! But the Broadway park is awesome rain or shine, and a stroll through Broadway is always fun before or after.

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