Day out: Blenheim photo journey

27 Aug

Yes, I have been to Blenheim Palace a couple of times.  (Day out: Blenheim, Olympic Blenheim)  Today was different, however.  Today the stated goal was to take a group of interested photographers to Blenheim and get all arty-photography and stuff.  Something technical like that.  It was a bit absurd to run my pink Elph alongside  my companions with their big-gun DSLRs with multiple lenses and casual use of terms like ‘f-stop’ (apparently not a curse word) and ‘speed’ (apparently not a drug reference) and ‘light’  (okay, I do know what light is).  I’m not fancy with my photos, or particularly technical in my understanding of photography.  (You point. You click.)  But: I like Blenheim, I like looking at things, and I’m never going to turn down a chance at a day out.  So here’s what I saw today.  All arty, and such.

Shhhhhh.  It’s a secret.

Looking skyward through bright red heart-shaped leaves.

Blossoms just coming in to being.  Singing?  Dancing?  They look like fairies.

A visitor in the garden.

Reflections, and treasure, in the secret stream.

An anemone.  Or a swan.  Or a space capsule.

Tree moss.

Now, wait a minute.  Time for a break.

I’ll have a large latte, please.  And one of these in my kitchen.

Lovely.  Now we can go on.

Eagle victorious.

Aslan in stone.

I love sundials.  Six.

Time’s reflected glory.  All our yesterdays lighting fools the way to dusty death.  And whatnot.


Rosy raindrops.

And that’s it.  My favorite photos from a rainy, end of summer, photo journey though Blenheim.  Hope you enjoyed walking along with me.


7 Responses to “Day out: Blenheim photo journey”

  1. Carla Emmons August 27, 2012 at 10:16 pm #

    Lovely! Especially the break. 😉 the sundial is my favorite I think.

  2. Zazzy August 28, 2012 at 1:27 am #

    What fun getting all arty! I am always impressed with your photos. I keep saying I’m going to take a class and learn to get more out of my camera….. someday.

    • Monique August 28, 2012 at 7:30 am #

      You point, you click! I know my camera can do more technical things and I’m figuring those out … but mostly I think the willingness to look around and see things is all you need. 😉 Have fun with your camera!

  3. satnavandcider August 28, 2012 at 8:17 am #

    Great photos! It looks like you got a lot out of a otherwise gloomy (rainy, grey) day.


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