Olympic fever

30 Jul

I have some days out to tell you about, some ongoing cultural adjustment commentary (we’ve been here ten months!  I just realized that this morning!), but right now I don’t care about anything but THE OLYMPICS!

For the next two weeks, I’ve warned the kids, we aren’t watching anything but the Olympics.  Unless Spongebob is competing in the 400m relay or Johnny Test plans to go for the high jump, we won’t be checking in with them.  Every year I think I’ll just dip in to the Olympics and watch a bit here and there, and every year I become an instant and full-on Olympic coverage junkie.  As soon as we started watching the opening ceremony, it was all over.  We watched the torch progress through the UK — even saw it come through our own town with our very own eyes — and there it is now, a gorgeous burning flower over London.  How could I possibly let myself miss any of the sport?  And the BBC has coverage of every sport — every sport — even 48k women’s weight lifting!  Even complete coverage of air rifle shooting, possibly the most boring sport in the world!  All the judo!  All the fencing!  All the sports, all the heats, all the competitors that I never got to see when I was victim to US broadcast coverage!  All the everything!

Being an American living in another country, seeing the American athletes walk into Olympic Stadium hit me a little harder than usual.  All those cheerful, bold, confident faces calling out “USA!” and “Love you mom” — so American!  USA in the house!  Whoo-hooo!

Even the absurd Olympic mascots have grown on me, and I have my very own Mandeville to sit with me and watch the games.  Sorry if I don’t get to very many posts in the next few weeks — if you miss me, I’ll be here, watching every bit of olympic sport I can squeeze in to the day and giving the cheer for “USA!” and for competitors from all nations giving their all in the spirit of peaceful competition with mutual understanding, friendship, solidarity, and fair play.  Hope a piece of that Olympic spirit is filling you as well.  Go team — go every team — go go go!



6 Responses to “Olympic fever”

  1. Sarah July 30, 2012 at 10:24 am #

    Oh no! What will you do on Wednesday? Implode? Explode? Weep? *wink* Can Mandeville come out to play? That’s the one I’ve had my eye on! HA!

  2. Zazamataz July 30, 2012 at 2:56 pm #

    Actually, they’re doing a much better job with streaming the Olympics this time. I can watch highlights of the swim races or replays of events I want to see – so I’m probably seeing more of it than the recent-past. Glad I’m not the only one who gets ridiculously teary eyed.

    • Monique July 30, 2012 at 8:23 pm #

      I’m glad to hear you’re seeing more of what you want to see! I know I find it so frustrating when I want to see more of a particular sport or athlete and only the highlights are shown, or other nations get forgotten, or I have to sit through commercials … this online stuff is great.


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