Day out: Prinknash Bird and Deer Park (and Santa)

22 Dec

I love holiday lights.  I’m a regular at the local drive-through city or county lights displays.  I drive around the neighborhood looking for houses with bright decorations.  Love it.  I haven’t seen lights as a drive-through destination here in England, and I’ve missed taking the kids out in pajamas with their snuggly animals, candy canes, hot chocolates, listening to holiday music in the car, talking over our favorite displays… When I heard about the Prinknash Bird and Deer Park Santa’s Grotto and lights display, it was a no brainer to book our tickets and head down one late December early evening.

When we first arrived, the sun was still setting, and we could get a good look around.  It’s not every Santa’s Grotto and lights display that has peacocks roosting in the trees, swans in the pond, and free facepainting.

And a small bonfire.

And a Christmas Fairy who hands out sweets from her Gypsy Caravan.

And deer to pet.

There were also reindeer — not to pet! — and small crafts and even an antique sleigh — Santa’s of course — to climb over and around.

There was something romantic about watching the sun set as the lights grew brighter in the trees.

The walk to Santa’s Grotto is through a magical — and slightly spooky — forest of lights.

But isn’t most magic slightly spooky?  I was very fond of the lights reflecting in the pond.  Were we above water, looking down, or under water looking up?

Some of the lights were a simple display of color on the trees, but evocative and eye catching all the same.

Finally reaching Santa’s Grotto, in the Wendy House.

Ooo, who is that?

Santa gave presents to the children — a standard here — and we left gleeful and full of fresh air, dazzled by lights and ready for more hot chocolate.

Bye, Frosty!  See you next year!


6 Responses to “Day out: Prinknash Bird and Deer Park (and Santa)”

  1. Zazzy December 24, 2011 at 7:19 am #

    It sounds pretty much perfect to me – except I’d want to pet the reindeer.

    • Monique December 24, 2011 at 9:00 am #

      You might change your mind when you see the antlers — big and SHARP!


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