Everything but the mince pie

1 Dec

England flipped the Christmas switch this morning. Nothing but jingle bells on the radio, and when I walked my littlest in to school (back from her days out ill, yay) she was greeted by this:

The hallway is dimly lit so the lights will shine out.  There’s a tree.  With an angel on top.  There’s a nativity.  There’s a Santa.  There’s music.  And – the Santa moves, y’all.   It was a miracle (a Christmas Miracle) that I could get this photo.  The scene was mobbed by driven-to-mad-excitement children, practically crying from the wonderment.  And who am I kidding, I was so surprised and kind of grooved out I could hardly stand still to take a photo.

I thought I was doing pretty well to have found our advent calendar this morning and a packing-box-free corner to hang it.  Oh, England, you are just a fantasy world of magic Christmas fairies, aren’t you?

(PS – My secular American self is disconcerted by the frank embrace of Christmas — not the Holidays — here in Christmas fairy land.  It’s cool England, you’ve got your thing, but just for kicks I’m considering hosting a Festivus party come Dec 23rd.  Wonder if we can do with the pole and the grievances, and skip the pinning.)


One Response to “Everything but the mince pie”

  1. Zazzy December 2, 2011 at 3:17 pm #

    My secular self would try to solve the Christmas tree issue in the states by putting up decorations for all the holidays this time of year and use it as an opportunity to teach. Kids don’t learn tolerance by fighting about whether or not a school can have a Christmas tree.

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