Review: Prezzo

8 Oct

On an early Monday evening, Prezzo was deserted and we had the main floor to ourselves, much to our enjoyment.

99–101 The Promenade
GL50 1NW

Comfortable, unfussy seating in a monochrome color scheme enlivened by wine bottles, a few tall plants, and red candles.  Surprisingly, this pleased the kids.  Outdoor tables are behind a low wall near a very busy corner, and have a good view of the Promenade.  Staff was professional, quick, and kind to the children.

As always, the child menu arrives with some activities and crayons.  The menu itself offers garlic bread or salad to start; the typical pizza, spaghetti (with meatballs!), and a baked chicken entree; and three flavors of ice cream to choose from for dessert.  So early in the evening, we had the floor to ourselves and felt very comfortable.

We started with garlic bread —  freshly made — and marinated olives.  I had the ‘light option’ — a half portion of a regular entree with a small portion of salad.  Mine was the fusilli with italian sausage, with rocket and chili.  The portion was just right, and had a nicely mild spiciness with the peppers, accentuated by the very spicy vinaigrette for the salad.  Husband had the lasagna, which was a large portion with a good balance of cheese, sauce and meat.  Children enjoyed their three-course children’s meals, although the pepperonis on the pizza were very small.  It was nice to see meatballs with the children’s portion of spaghetti, as we had seen pasta only in other restaurants, and the meatballs were cut in half before serving for easy child accessibility.  I had a very decent Merlot which went well with the whole meal, including the not overly sweet tiramisu. The espresso served with dessert was excellent, strong and not at all bitter, with a beautiful crema.

Three solid courses and a drink for 6 pounds makes this child menu competitive for the area.  (But still fairly terrifying to convert in to dollars and compare to kids meal pricing in the US.)  At just under 10 pounds per main plate, and under 5 pounds each for our glasses of wine, the adult plates again seem competitive for the area.  But Prezzo stands out for the flavor of its menu and what (for us) seemed like more familiar, robust and tasty italian meals.

If you are looking for italian and are choosing between Prezzo and Strada (which is just up the street) — GO HERE.  The prices are comparable (perhaps slightly better at Prezzo) and the meal is so much to be preferred.


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